Calculate My Savings

Go ahead, we dare you! It's pretty easy, just enter what you think the selling price of your house should be and we'll instantly show you (yes, computers are magic) how much you will save with compared to those agents that charge a 6% commission.*

*Yes, there's fine print here - we know, we know - we don't like this stuff either, but our lawyer type friends are making us put the following disclaimer. Calculated savings are based upon the $495 MLS Listing Plan™. Further, the potential savings range indicates that there may or may not be a buying agent involved on behalf of the buyer. Homegate Direct Realty does suggest you offer a commission if the buyer of your house is represented by a licensed Realtor® that is working on behalf of the buyer. There is no standard for commissions in the real estate industry, however, Homegate Direct Realty recommends you consider a commission of 2.4% for the buyer’s real estate agent in the Milwaukee metro market and this commission would be paid to the buyer’s agent, not Homegate Direct Realty. However, if the buyer of your home doesn’t have a real estate agent representing them, then there is no commission owed.